Robust DataComm Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company. Our founder, Mr Lynn August Linse from USA, has been developing industrial communication products since 1994. Since then, all research and development activities were conducted locally.

Besides our standard product range, we have been providing customized solutions to customers from both the commercial and industrial segments.
 RDC products can be classified   based on their interface into

 3 major categories:
 a) Ethernet
 b) Fiber Optic
 c) Serial

 And into 3 main functional groups:
 a) Repeaters
 b) Converters
 c) Hubs
Why buy RDC Products ?

Backed with more than 15 years of industrial experience and coupled with our well-documented processes, have enabled us to develop products that are properly designed to provide galvanic isolation with emphasis on proper grounding. Furthermore, our stocks are always readily available worldwide.

We are equipped with a competent team of engineers to assist you in installation, troubleshooting and providing after-sales support. Our engineers would be happy to discuss with you on the issues of grounding and other communication-related issues.

If our standard products cannot meet a certain unique requirement (higher speeds, more ports etc), we would be happy to modify our existing products or even customize a new one for you.


Our Products