The main products range from simple Weather Stations to advanced complete Helideck Monitoring Systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems for marine and offshore users and other demanding applications. Such systems are basically a very sophisticated weather station measuring wind, temperatures, barometric pressure, motions, sea currents, waves, etc., but can also include a number of additional sensors and tailor-made functions that are essential for offshore users.

Typical add-on functions can be Anchor Line Monitoring, Stress Monitoring, Motion and Accelerations measurements, Alarm functions, SCADA applications and many others.

Offshore MetOcean Systems are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions and are not only expected to function in these conditions, but expected to measure accurately, providing correct data in order to document these conditions.

All offshore platforms and vessels need environmental data for daily operational use and as an important tool for safety purposes. In the later years these systems are also being tailor-made to measure the movements and conditions of the helideck and are used as a tool for improving the safety for helicopter traffic.