Steel Shot is manufactured by melting selected scrap in electric induction furnace. The chemical composition of molten metal is analyzed and strictly controlled by spectrometer to obtain SAE Standard specification. The molten metal is atomized and transformed into round particle and subsequently quenched and tempered in a heat treating process to obtain a product of uniform hardness and microstructure, screened by size according to SAE Standard specification.  
Chemical Composition
The finished shot shall have the chemical compositions as follows:
Carbon 0.85-1.20%
Silicon 0.45-1.50%
Manganese 0.35-1.20%
Phosphorus <0.05%
Sulfur <0.05%
  Standard Hardness
The hardness of 90% of all shot paticles shall be within the range of 40-50 HRc. (Rockwell C)
  General Appearance
The steel shot shall be as nearly spherical as commercially possible and no more 20% of the shot particles shall have objectionable defects.
The microstructure of steel shot shall be uniform martensite, tempered to a degree consistent with the hardness range,with fine,well distributed carbides, if any.
The density of steel shot shall be not less than 7.4 g/cc.
Size Distribution (as per SAE J 827)